All Our courses Are moving to the Udemy Platform!

Don’t worry, you will still have access to the courses that you subscribed to, it will just be on a different platform and you will now get LIFELONG access!

You will still be able to access your courses here until 31 July, but we suggest that you start using Udemy as soon as possible.


You should have received an email explaining how to access your courses on Udemy.

If not, send us a message using the form below, and we will respond with one click links that will give you immediate access to your courses on Udemy.

The email will contain a detail description of how to access the course on Udemy, but here is a short summary:

1) Simply click on the link/s provided in the email. It will take you to the relevant Udemy signup page. Here is an example of what it will look like:

2) Click on “Enroll now” and you will be asked to log in or register. After that you have full access to the course on Udemy.

If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to ask!