Your Instructor

“I’ve been passionate about health and well being since my mid-teens and have made a career out of helping people improve their lifestyle through movement. I was there when aerobics exploded onto the scene and taught every type of studio-based fitness class throughout the ‘90s in the health clubs of West London. I loved watching the transformation in my students, both physical and emotional, and it was such a pleasure seeing how much enjoyment they got from movement. 

As demand grew for the mind/body forms of exercise, I discovered the amazing benefits of Pilates and yoga which, together with running, make up my own fitness routine. I built up a large portfolio of private clients and classes both in the UK and the Middle East where I wrote a weekly lifestyle column for Sport360, a popular sports newspaper.

My training over the years includes Classical Pilates Matwork, Pre/Postnatal exercise, Pilates Orthopaedics, Anatomy & Physiology, Hatha Yoga, Client Psychology & Motivation and various diet and nutrition certifications. My main focus now is to provide thorough training in the most convenient and affordable way.”

Josie mcKenlay